The Musical Soul

Born in Ujjain (m.p) and brought up in Kota (Rajasthan).
It was at the age of only 3 that Kshitij was seen singing in phase with the song playing on the radio. The parents were wonder-struck at the musical inclination of the child and it made them certain that if given good guidance and facilities, he would create an identity for himself. So he was put in charge of proficient music teachers (Gurus) to acquire strict disciplined training of vocal music, Indian as well as Western.

He got Music Training from:
A) Indian Classical:
  • Pt. Mahesh Chandra Sharma
  • • Pt. Rattan Mohan Sharma
  • • Pt. Bhavdeep Jaipurwale
  • • Pt. Giridhar Prasad Jaipurwale

B) Gazal:

  • Ustad Sadiq Hussain Qureshi


  • • Prof. Rodering S. Palamthe  

  • As a result of his dedication and determination and the guidance of his mentors, Kshitij has developed a rare versatility in his singing skills. Under the guidance of ace lyricist Saeed Quadri, Kshitij got his first break as a playback singer in the Hindi movie ‘Anwar’ released in January 2007.