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A glimpse from my Live Performances and Shows

It’s a different feeling when you’re performing on stage, and the whole crowd is singing with you!

I remember a very funny incidence from one of my live shows. I was performing in one of the institutes in Meghalaya; the crowd was enjoying the performance. During a short break, I was sitting in my Green Room when a young guy came in, bowed down and touched my feet. I was shocked. He made a strange request if I could sing a particular song so that he would propose to his girlfriend while I’m performing! He was just not ready to leave my feet until I agreed. He later called his girlfriend and took selfies with me. I had to oblige his unique request in that show; I sang two lines from that song when he proposed to his girlfriend.

I was performing in Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh. It was a dance number, the whole crowd was dancing enthusiastically. There was a small girl who was dancing and crying at the same time. It was the ultimate expression of joy that I could experience. It makes me feel happy that I am doing something good for people through my music.

My Sir, Maheshji was earlier very strict and said that I should not do live performances. But later on, he was the one who used to accompany me on harmonium during all my classical performances! He always used to tell me that first, you should learn enough so that you can perform. Without learning, if one performs with overconfidence, he/she will not be able to showcase anything to the audience. For live shows, this is extremely important that the artist has learnt enough to show his or her talent.